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Business Information Services & Finance

This service provides Superintendents, Business Managers, Finance Directors and Transportation Directors with expert assistance, professional development opportunities and trainings in:

-Transportation Reporting
-Business Manager’s Roundtable
-SOF Template Workshop
-Public Funds Investment Act – Investment Officer Training 

  • Note from Woody:
    I have posted the 2017-18 (LPE-DPE Side-by-Side Template (r4, wb5) . This is an "enhancement" of Omar's r4 template. I have downloaded 2016-17 PEIMS ADA/FTE's for comparison with "current" ADA/FTE's; and 2016 Certified values for calculating "Local Fund Assignment" for Tiers 1 and 11 State Aid.
    Import the latest Summary of Finance report from TEA's web page, and enter your "most accurate" projection of M&O tax collections.
    Be sure to re-enter your
     previous and current six weeks attendance data since numbers often change with corrections. Remember!!  This template is an "as is projection" of your state and local revenue based on you current data. 
    (LINK to 2017-18 LPE-DPE Template


  • NOTICE: Web Posting Requirements for Budgets

    Notice of Public Meeting to discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate: Form 50-280.
    (Link to Form) 

    Web Posting Requirement (HB1): "Proposed" Expenditure Budget on district's web page as required by HB1. A school district must post the budget summary on the school's Internet Web site when it post the "Notice of Public Hearing" on the budget in the newspaper. 
    Link to 2017-18 "Proposed" Budget Reporting Template  (Updated 05/11/2017)

    Web Posting Requirement: Adopted Budget. 
    House Bill 3 from the 81st Session of the Texas Legislature requires school districts, on final approval of the budget by the board of trustees, to post a copy of the Adopted Budget on the district’s Web site. This requirement is in addition to posting the "proposed" budget. The Web site must prominently display the electronic link to the adopted budget. The adopted budget must be maintained on the Web site for three years after adoption.  
    Link to 2017-18 Web Posting of Adopted Budget_(Updated_05/11/17)

    Note from Woody: HB 3 requires posting only General Fund Budget. Since adoption of Federal Funds is a local decision, they are not required posting. If you choose to add Federal Funds to the template, this would be acceptable, but not required.

  • Special Education Block Grant Template
    This template calculates funding for each Special Education Instructional Setting utilizing the districts
    adjusted allotment. (Link to Special Education Block Grant Template)
  • Federal Funds Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Templates

    MOE Templates may be used to to help a district determine compliance with Federal Maintenance of Effort requirements. The template compares "current" year spending (not budgeted amount) with "base year" expenditure to determine compliance
    (Link to 2015-16 MOE Template)


Note from Woody: 2017-18 LPE-DPE Side-by-Side Template (r4 wb5)

This template is an "expansion" of Omar's templates The template will allow districts to compare "earned" DPE with TEA's Summary of Finance "payment" LPE to calculate "projected" over/under payment of Foundation School Funds. The template incorporates actual six weeks attendance data and M&O tax collections to "project" over/under payments. Be sure to import the latest Summary of Finance report from TEA, and your "most accurate projection" of M&O tax collections. Be sure to re-enter your previous and current six weeks attendance data (numbers will have changed!!) Remember these templates are an "as is" projection based on you current data. 


Important Notice from State Funding:

August 29, 2017
Subject: Deadline Extensions for the 2016–2017 Tax Information Survey and Staff Salary Data Collection

To assist school districts experiencing the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the deadlines for the Tax Information Survey and the Staff Salary data collections have been extended from August 31, 2017, until midnight on September 30, 2017. Specific details regarding each data collection will be released to applicable school districts through a targeted listserv, email or system message.

Any data submitted before September 6 will be included when the agency publishes the 2016–2017 near-final Summary of Finances (SOF) in mid-September. Otherwise, current estimates will continue to be used for funding purposes until revised data is submitted. In early October, another near-final SOF will be published that will incorporate data submitted after September 6. After September 30, districts will have a final opportunity to submit revised tax collections through the Schedule of Delinquent Taxes (J-1) as part of the annual financial report, and staff salary data through the online FSP system to be included in the final 2016–2017 SOF scheduled to be published in April 2018.


Notes from State Funding:
TO THE ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESSED: Subject: Correction to 2015–2016 Near-Final Summary of Finances Report A correction to the near-final Summary of Finances (SOF) report for the 2015–2016 school year available at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) School District State Aid Reports web page is forthcoming. Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) 2015–2016 Summer Data Collection - Mainstream Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Issue: The special education mainstream attendance data that was submitted by Texas public schools using the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) was incorrectly transformed at TEA resulting in an overstated Mainstream ADA value that was subsequently included on the near-final Summary of Finances (SOF) report for the 2015–2016 school year. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that submitted 2015–2016 attendance data through the EDIT+ system are not impacted. Attached is an estimate of the excess Mainstream ADA for affected districts.


Posting your districts Utility Usage:

Utility Posting Template still required (HB 3693). Template to post utility usage & aggregate cost on the school district's web page as required by HB 3693 is still required.  Please reference our templates page for current year template.





2016-17 Preliminary Summary of Finances Posted on TEA's Web Site. Be sure you read this as the implications are significant. Link to State Funding Memo



Internet Posting Requirements for School Districts. (Note Financial Requirements for School Districts). Link to Required Documents



Note from Danny Sanchez, Transportation Director School Finance Division

The Foundation School Program (FSP) System will be available for input of the school year 2015–2016 Operations Services Report data on October 3, 2016. The due date for the report to be in Submitted status is December 1, 2016.

Please review the Instructions for Completing the School Transportation Operations Services Report, document before compiling data and filing the report in the online FSP System. The instructions can be found on the School Transportation Funding web page.


We highly recommend using “Internet Explorer 9” as your browser when entering data into the report.  Use of any other browser may result in an inability to open and access all needed data screens. If you have questions or if you need more information, contact the School Transportation Allotment program administrators in the Texas Education Agency's Office of School Finance: Danny Sanchez, telephone: (512) 463-9266, email:



Important Note:

Posting your districts "Proposed" Budget and your districts "Adopted" Budget are still required. Please reference our templates page for "Proposed " Budget and "Adopted" Budget Templates and "Budget posting notice for setting tax rates". 1) Notice of Public Meeting to discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate: (Form 50-280)

2) 2017-2018 "Proposed" Budget and "Adopted" budget templates 



Posting your districts Utility Usage:

Utility Posting Template still required (HB 3693). Template to post utility usage & aggregate cost on the school district's web page as required by HB 3693 is still required.  Please reference our templates page for current year template


A Cash Flow template is available for download. This template was developed with the assistance of ESC XII and TEA. See Templates Page.



Note from Woody: I have posted a Special Ed. Template on our Templates Web Page. This template will allow the district to enter attendance counts from the "Superintendent's Report of Student Attendance & Contact Hours" in order to calculate "earned" revenue for each instructional setting. See templates page.

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