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Business Information Services & Finance

This service provides Superintendents, Business Managers, Finance Directors and Transportation Directors with expert assistance, professional development opportunities and trainings in:

-Transportation Reporting
-Business Manager’s Roundtable
-SOF Template Workshop
-Public Funds Investment Act – Investment Officer Training 

  • Note from Woody: I have uploaded a Cycle 6 PEIMS template in order to complete 2016-17 LPE.DPE Side-by-Side. Enter your ADA/FTE's from TSDS PEIMS into the 2016-17 "Data Entry" on the Data Entry SOF sheet and the M&O Tax collections you will enter on the "Tax Information survey. 
    his will approximate your "Near Final". (Link to 2016-17 Cycle 6 PEIMS Template)

    Note from Woody: I have posted a 2017-18 r4 "preliminary" funding and tax rate template. This is an "enhancement" of Omar's r4 template. I have downloaded 2015-16 ADA/FTE's.
    Use 2016-17 TSDS PEIMS ADA/FTE's for 2016-17. Change 2017-17 as needed as it will carry-over 2016-17 data. (Link to 2017-18 r4 Preliminary Template)

    Note from Woody: I have updated the 2016-17 LPE-DPE Template to include changes in Omar's r2 revision
    NOTE: The 2016-17 LPE-DPE "Side by Side" Template may be used to calculate a district's "projected over-payment/under-payment" based on the district's "running" average of ADA/FTE's. This may not be the final version for 2016-17. As Omar says, "Stay Tuned". (Link to 2016-17 LPE-DPE Side-bySide Template)


  • NOTICE: Web Posting Requirements for Budgets

    Notice of Public Meeting to discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate: Form 50-280.
    (Link to Form) 

    Web Posting Requirement (HB1): "Proposed" Expenditure Budget on district's web page as required by HB1. A school district must post the budget summary on the school's Internet Web site when it post the "Notice of Public Hearing" on the budget in the newspaper. 
    Link to 2017-18 "Proposed" Budget Reporting Template  (Updated 05/11/2017)

    Web Posting Requirement: Adopted Budget. 
    House Bill 3 from the 81st Session of the Texas Legislature requires school districts, on final approval of the budget by the board of trustees, to post a copy of the Adopted Budget on the district’s Web site. This requirement is in addition to posting the "proposed" budget. The Web site must prominently display the electronic link to the adopted budget. The adopted budget must be maintained on the Web site for three years after adoption.  
    Link to 2017-18 Web Posting of Adopted Budget_(Updated_05/11/17)

    Note from Woody: HB 3 requires posting only General Fund Budget. Since adoption of Federal Funds is a local decision, they are not required posting. If you choose to add Federal Funds to the template, this would be acceptable, but not required.

  • Special Education Block Grant Template
    This template calculates funding for each Special Education Instructional Setting utilizing the districts
    adjusted allotment. (Link to Special Education Block Grant Template)
  • Federal Funds Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Templates

    MOE Templates may be used to to help a district determine compliance with Federal Maintenance of Effort requirements. The template compares "current" year spending (not budgeted amount) with "base year" expenditure to determine compliance
    (Link to 2015-16 MOE Template)

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